12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before


Jobs industry predicted to increase continually every five years. Every year many of fresh graduate leave the university in droves for getting a job.  Advanced technology has generated new profession that offers something exceptionally interesting. The opportunity to grab a brand-new position wherever the competition hasn’t reached the serious mass. 12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before.

12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn't Exist Before

1. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager plays a fundamental part in the interaction between business and their social audiences. The job normally including creation, production, and publication of digital content through social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, etc.  Social media managers employ in marketing and advertising departments. They have changed the way businesses interact with their consumers. 12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before.

2. App Developer

Since the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, the Android soon afterward more than a million apps have been put up for sale in Apples App Store and Android’s Google Play. Due to a request has increased for apps to run on iOS, Android and whatsoever are the operating system. The companies are challenged with a lack of capacity with the abilities to develop the mobile apps as a result new prospect for programmers and developers to enter a prosperous market. Presently more than 16,000 lists for mobile app developers are registered on job site indeed.com.

3. YouTube Content Creators

Vlogging has now become a career thanks to YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. Everyone can create and upload their content to youtube. If you have a passion for producing great content for the digital generation this job is for you.
The most successful YouTube idols fascinating millions of dollars throughout publicity, social media management, and sponsorship deals.

4. Educational Consultant

Tutoring is an ancient field. However, since our society becomes more complicated this field has developed rapidly.
Education consultants bring the best learning methods and technologies to schools and individual families. The environments best suited to their learning needs. They can work independently or for larger firms. For educational institutions normally will be testing students or interviewing them and their families. This approach is to help kids get the support they need.

5. SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization specialist (SEO specialist) is somebody who responsible to evaluates, analysis and experimentation a website. They will implement any essential modifications in order for it to be optimized for search engines. Websites will lead to the search engine, higher rank. Thus growing the traffic and hopefully stronger revenues. The job required a mix of technical and marketing skills. Foundation in search-engine logic and understand the Web site user behavior are compulsory.

6. Online Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is responsible to manage and grow an advertising or marketing channel. They may work independently for a website, with companies who sell ad programs or working directly with the advertiser. The job is to create and managing all advertising strategies and tracking each ad’s performance. Online advertising managers are savvy marketers who also comprehend in what way latest technology allows ad programs develop in all the time.

7. User Experience Design

User Experience Design has to be capable of numerous skills. The job is designing through technology (digital or physical) products that are valuable, user-friendly, and pleasant to interact with. Furthermore, designers likewise must to have a strong understanding of business objectives and user behavior.

8. Market Research Data Miner

Market research is crucial towards a successful business. Customer information becomes extra important to the retail experience. There are many companies are compiling data and employing specialists to make sense of it.Market Research Data Miner will look through your marketing strategy and marketing interactions. This will help retailers and companies forecast upcoming trends or to build suggestion engines or personalized publicity. 12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before.

9. Sustainability Expert

Modern society keeps developing new workflows to increase productivity. At the same time, they also would like to preserve its capability to operate without increasing the carbon footprint of a business. For this reason, specific environmental leadership majors are rising. A degree in environmental science or business management major would show valuable in these latest “green” roles.  It’s necessary to understand the environmental and regulatory compliance. The job can include: sustainability evaluation, recycling, waste reduction; etc

10. Elder Care

Life expectancy has improved noticeably throughout the past century. It has improved at least 30 years in life expectancy. As the population aging, more help needs to take care the elderly. Some elderly need attention physically, emotionally and even social needs. You will be suitable for this job if you understand the increasingly complex healthcare system in addition to an interest in comfort care. Communication skills are also important, whilst elder care service providers are frequently tasked with interactive end-of-life subjects to their client and his or her family members.

11. Uber Driver

A combination of rate changes augmented internal competition and increasing workplace vulnerability has landed Uber its current position. Since founded in 2009, Uber has grown rapidly; it has created thousands of job opportunities for people around the world. Currently Uber is working on generating even more with current developments, for example, the latest one is Uber Eats. There are more than 40 million Uber users in 2017 worldwide. This user has created a lot of job opportunity.

12. Drone Operator

Drones have been around for many years however it has merely arisen for commercially within the last few of years. Drone operators are nowadays is an established job. Some American colleges proposing whole courses dedicated to learning drone operation. Being a drone pilot is an adventurous job whilst you will be able to discover new places and work alongside.

Hence, here you have it. 12  jobs that did not exist 10 years ago but now they are shaping how companies accomplish in the current economy. We have all become familiar with the Digital Age.  While some of they are new nevertheless it has contributed widely to our society. How did you end up doing it? Will it still be around in next 100 years? Anyway if you think if one of this job suitable for you, now is the time to apply for it. 12 New High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before.

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