16 Ways to Keep Your Homebased Business Running Effectively



4. Own a Website

Just because you run your business from home, doesn’t mean that it can’t look professional. If your website has an unprofessional appearance, you potential customers will not be impressed. Search for a few well designed professional websites, and use what they do well as a guide for creating your own website.


5. Always Use Contract

Never provide your services to someone else without a contract. Contracts are the foundation of making a business transaction work for both parties.


6. Track All Expenditures

In order to get a bigger tax return, you should carefully track all of your business’ expenditures. Include everything that you spend on your business, transportation and ISP service are common examples. When you are a business owner you can make these deductibles. Small things can add up, so make sure you ferret out all the deductions you can.

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