5 Ways to Save Money on Dental Care


1. Brushing teeth and tongue everyday

Well this one is very oblivious bushing teeth and tongue every day at least twice will keep mouth clean resulting in less problems with gums and teeth. Healthy gums and cavity free teeth will reduce the dentist visits due to those ouchy pains and save money.

2. Visiting a dentist at least once a year

This one may seem not be saving any money, however, a regular visit to dentist will help in treating conditions that may lead to fat dental care bill in early stages. It will not only save money in the long run but also will help to prevent tooth decay and gum infections to minimum.

3. Mouth Rinsing after eating food

Brushing teeth after every snack or meal is not possible in this busy schedule of life. However, in most of cases, it is possible to rinse the mouth after finishing that yummy meal or even a tasty snack.

Rinsing the mouth will remove the food left in the mouth and thus neutralizing the pH levels in mouth. It will reduce the tooth decay and hence less expenditure on cavity filling or possible root canal treatment at a dentist office.

4. Floss the teeth regularly

Keeping the areas between the teeth free from food particles getting stuck and rotten there can decrease the rate of tooth decay as well as possibility of infections. Flossing the teeth everyday can help to keep the teeth clean.

However, it is important to use the floss properly to avoid any damage to the gums that can result in bleeding

5. Eat Calcium and Vitamin rich foods.

Calcium is essential for teeth and for this eating spinach and drinking milk can help as these are rich in calcium. Vitamin D is required to absorb Vitamin C. Oily fish is good for this as it contains vitamin D. Carrots, rich in vitamin A, can help in development of saliva. This can help in maintaining teeth and gums healthy as saliva possesses anti-bacterial qualities.

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