6 Great Ways to Save Money


If you want to enjoy the best things in life without paying for more than you need to, then it makes sense to learn how to spot – and secure a bargain on everything you buy. Money saving tips are a modern shopper’s site, full of insider information and thousands of ideas, tips and resources to help you make wise decisions and get a better price, whether you are buying from a large store or a market stall, or paying for professional advice or a tradesman’s services. Here are 6 Great Ways to Save Money

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#1 Develop The ‘Pay Less’ Attitude

Approach every purchase with the belief that you can do better than the asking price, and you’re half way to doing just that. Train yourself to look for the money-saving angles in every situation, no matter how large or small the potential savings may be. Assume that other people are getting are a bargain, so why shouldn’t you? And remember that most goods and services have a healthy profit margin so there is usually plenty of room for manoeuvre.

#2 Find The Cheapest Price

Do your research. There are now so many businesses vying for your customers with discounts and special offers that you can almost always find something cheaper if you know where to look. Check out the resource boxes for recommended suppliers and information sources and, if you can, get onto the Internet to track down those good deals. It’s a user-friendly virtual marketplace that really has brought bargain-hunting into the 21st century.

#3 Take Your Time

Don’t be forced into a situation where you have to make a rushed purchase. You’ll get the best deals if you book tickets in advance, or wait until that bathroom suite goes on sale, or keep a constant eye on camera prices so you can pounce when they drop. Give yourself time to shop around, weigh up your options and buy when the moment is right.

#4 Ask The Right Questions

Learn the magic phrase that may get you a bargain: ‘Is that the best you can do?’ In other words, ask the seller to be resourceful on your behalf. You may find that you qualify for a discount, simply by paying cash. Or a cruise will cost less if you go in May. That your insurance premiums will be lower if you meet certain criteria. Or that the coat you covet is going on sale next week. Most people really do want to help you – especially if you are friendly and smile.

#5 Use Your Bargain Power

For other money saving tips, be prepared to haggle. Ask yourself how much the seller wants your business. Is he overstocked? Is he desperate to make his quota or his commission? Are you his only customer? Assume he wants to deal – you’re probably right! Offer to buy more if he’ll give you a discount. See if you can take a reduced service and pay less. Spot a flaw in the item and suggest a lower price. Find a rival offer and ask him to match it. On the other hand, bargain also means being willing to walk away.

#6 Think Carefully

If the price is still not right, don’t give up. Be flexible. See if you can get a workman to lower his charges by offering to do part of the job yourself. Go in with friends to get a discount on bulk buys for everything from theatre tickets to vintage wine. Do a neighbour’s gardening in exchange for free babysitting. That way, everybody wins – and everyone gets something for less.

Xwzch is a blogger, freelance writer on everything about money matters. She is passionate to write about saving and managing money. Travel enthusiast and animal lover.


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