Currently Hiring! Top 7 Remote Job Opportunities in 2018


There is today a number of companies around the world that have realized the value of telecommuting. It has become flexible with their job requirements. Remote jobs or online jobs are now an integral part of the modern-day work culture. Currently Hiring! Top 7 Remote Job Opportunities in 2018.

A lot of companies have noticed that asking employees to work remotely from home or from different locations the world. Instead of requiring them to work from an office cubicle can help reduce the overhead costs. Besides doing wonders for the satisfaction and productivity of the employees.

Currently Hiring! Top 7 Remote Job Opportunities in 2017

Currently Hiring! Top 7 Remote Job Opportunities in 2018

As you might imagine, the younger generation of workers – Millennials and Generation Z – just LOVE remote jobs or online jobs. Having grown up on the internet, smartphones and the social media, younger people share a high degree of comfort with these jobs.

Online jobs or remote jobs are also preferred by working moms, seniors and military wives. For a lot of people with serious health issues or physical disabilities, or for parents caring for children with special needs. These jobs are a wonderful opportunity as they allow them to earn a living without having to leave the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Here, we take a look at some of the best remote job opportunities offered by 7 reputable companies or nonprofits. These companies are currently hiring on a full-time, part-time or contractual basis. Read on!

#1: Customer Success Manager at Cannabiz Media

 Cannabiz Media, a start-up well known for its marijuana licensing database is hiring! They are offering a part-time opportunity for Customer Success Manager.

Those applying for this position should have excellent communication skills – both written and verbal. They should be familiar with Google Apps, Excel, MailChimp and Intercom systems and should be able to multitask.

This is a remote job opportunity. If you have a fast and reliable internet access at home and can spare 20 hours a week, you may consider applying. You should have some experience with creating and uploading videos on YouTube as well.

#2: Remote Jobs at Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 is a leading online provider of K-12 education solutions. The company was founded in 2007 at the University of Michigan. They provide online educational solutions to schools across the world. To join Elevate K-12, schools have to choose their academic targets and add selected students to the program.

As of now, Elevate K-12 is looking to online K-12 instructors. There are a plenty of remote teaching positions available at the company should you be interested such as Math Tutor and Online Tutor. You could also apply for the position of Online HR Recruiter. Click here to know more about the jobs that are available at Elevate K-12.

#3: Remote Teaching Jobs at Connections Education

Connection Education provides online education or virtual education to students of various ages from kindergarten to twelfth grade. They provide personalized teaching plans to students through their online learning platform and they are currently hiring!

They are looking applicants for a variety of teaching jobs such as German Teacher, Japanese Adjunct Teacher, Business and Marketing Adjunct Teacher, Spanish Tutor, Secondary English Teacher and much more. Go take a look!

#4: Remote Jobs at Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a Phoenix, Arizona based Christian Institute, founded by the Southern Baptist Church in 1949. They have an online education program in addition to their regular on-campus classes. Grand Canyon has a full-time staff of over 3,500 and adjunct staff of over 4,000. They are currently hiring and have a plenty of remote job opportunities available in various teaching and non-teaching positions, on a freelance, full-time and part-time basis. Just take a look! 

#5: Virtual Office Program at Xerox

Believe it or not, even Xerox is looking to hire remote workers. Xerox is one of the most illustrious companies in the technology field. It has a number of innovations to its credit, including the photocopier machine.

Xerox was founded in 1906 and is still going strong, with 150 offices around the world and 150,000 full-time employees. These days, Xerox is in the business of providing document management solutions. Xerox owns Consultant, which provides outsourcing and staffing services to the corporate sector.

Xerox is one of the biggest companies to take the concept of hiring remote workers seriously. They provide a number of online job opportunities such as tech support, software programming, testing and quality control and customer service. Xerox has over 8,000 online workers on their staff. Click here to know more about the remote jobs available at Xerox.

#6: Remote Jobs at LiveOps

LiveOps is one of the biggest companies in the contact center industry. They specialize in providing customer service solutions and cloud contact. LiveOps has many major clients in the tech, financial, retail, insurance, and healthcare industries.

The company is big on its environmental sustainability policy and they work hard to reduce the carbon footprint. By promoting telecommuting, and hiring workers on a remote basis, they hope to reduce oil consumption. The company has many part-time and full-time online jobs for workers across the US.

You may want to apply if you have 1-2 years experience in customer service. You can look for jobs in Inbound Warranty Sales, Call Center Associate – Road Assistance or Life Insurance Sales. Do have a look! 

#7: Different Job Position at SignEasy

You may have heard of SignEasy, a popular E-signature app that makes it possible for people to sign documents electronically. SignEasy is currently hiring. They are looking for remote workers for the different position.

Please check here for more information about the job at SignEasy Click here to apply for this job.

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