5 Easy Ways to Track Your Spending and Start Savings


This is a time when knowing exactly where your hard earned money is going. Tracking what you spend, for most people, will be an eye-opening experience. Many will see that they are simply way over spending for everyday items. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Track Your Spending and Start Savings.

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When we realize exactly where our money goes. How, when and where it is spent we to start to formulate a plan to make some cuts or rethink the way we spend. When a conscious effort is made to track expenses you will be amazed at the money which is suddenly able to be saved.  Now start to track your spending and start savings.

#1 Change of Habit

Changing the way we spend money will be a valuable tool when starting to save money. Many times we often finish a long day at work, are tired or even worse hungry and we make our nightly trip to the market to decide what to have for dinner. Shopping while hungry is a big no-no when trying to shop economically or even effectively.

money saving

If you decide to go to the supermarket when hungry or are just plain undecided as to what to buy. At the end, you are asking to end up with a lengthy shopping receipt. Most often the items you just purchased had nothing to do with creating the nightly dinner you entered for.

Try planning your family meals for the week, or at least for a few days at a time. Preplanning can ensure you buy only what you need or will at least use some time in the near future.  Try buying items that can be used in a variety of different meals.

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