Three Best Vacations Tips for Your Budget


With money still tight for most American families, more people than ever are trying to find ways to vacation on a budget. Fortunately, it’s actually much easier to do this than most people think it is. In fact, not only can you get great deals on your vacation, but you may well find that the experiences you gain from a budget vacation are much more interesting and exciting than those you’ll get when you go on a more traditional vacation. Here’s what you need to know Three Best Vacations for Your Budget :


#1 Don’t Follow the Herd

Human beings as a whole tend to have a mob or herd mentality. Even though we’re all individuals, we don’t act like it in most cases. If something is popular, then we all think that it must be something good. The trend setters, however, are the ones who don’t just follow the herd. They go where others may not want to go and they revel in doing so. If you want to vacation on a budget, the single best way to do it is to avoid following the herd.

Putting It Into Practice

That means that if everyone is saying that you just have to go to Disney World, you go elsewhere. Let’s face it – Disney is great, but it’s expensive, the lines are long and the vacation you get there is so homogenous.  That it’s not going to be a real memory. Instead, talk to your kids. Figure out something they’d like to do which isn’t the standard family vacation.

Maybe it’s hiking in a state park somewhere (and yes, not following the herd means that you go somewhere other than Yellowstone for your hiking vacation – there are thousands of state and federal parks, many of which are less travelled and most of which are equally fascinating). Maybe it means visiting off beat museums. Whatever it is, by not following the herd, you’re likely to save money on vacation.

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