Top 3 Health Insurance Options for College Students


#1 Your Parents’ Plan

If you are currently covered by your parents’ insurance plan, you might still be eligible for coverage while you are enrolled in college. Many student prefer to stay on such a plan because of the cost savings. Another benefit is that you will have the same coverage that you have had for years. If your school is not too far away from your hometown, you can even keep seeing your current doctor.

If you are going to a school out of state, you will need to find a new physician in your new town. Staying on your parents’ insurance plan will probably give you the best possible rates, but it might box you into maintaining full-time enrollment to keep your coverage. This would prevent you from taking a semester off to work or travel without losing your insurance benefits.

If you do take a semester off of school, you will need to purchase a temporary insurance policy. We will discuss this option further later on. If your parents do not have insurance, you’ll have to look to one of the following options.

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