Top 5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Women


Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That phrase still rings true today. The best gifts a woman can receive are a reflection of her unique beauty and love. Women want to feel appreciated, adored and respected. Accomplishing that on a budget isn’t easy, but it can be done. Here are Top 5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Women:

1. Jewelry Boxes

Now, we all know any woman would prefer expensive jewellery, but that’s not always possible on a tight budget. Instead, consider getting her a classic women’s jewellery box to hold the treasures she already has. You can engrave the box for a sentimental touch that doesn’t cost a lot. You can find jewellery boxes at shops online and in department stores. You’ll get the widest selection by shopping on the web.

2. Designer Handbag

While designer handbags can become quite expensive, they are one a pleasure of life that many women enjoy. Most budgets can’t afford to get a new designer back, but you can find some very classy bags for about half the price at stores like T.J. Maxx. If you know she’s in love with Chanel, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton, you may be able to find her an affordable used bag in excellent condition for half the price of a new one on an auction site.

3. Flowers

When in doubt about finding the perfect gift for a woman, flowers are the answers. Roses can run a hefty price, but most women have other favourite flowers they would love to receive as a gift. Think about the kinds of flowers she likes and gets an arrangement that includes them. She’ll appreciate that you remembered her preferences.

4. Tea Set

Women never seem to outgrow the charm of a tea set. The childhood tea party grows to an adult relaxing pleasure. There is nothing more enjoyable for a woman than to wake up early and relax on the porch or lanai while sipping hot tea. Gorgeous tea sets are available with flowered motifs. You can find an antique set online or at auctions for an extra classy gift. A matching decorative cup and saucer is an affordable and classic gift.

5. Books

Most women love to read. While choosing the right piece of fiction is difficult, it’s not hard to know your woman’s interests and find her a coffee table book on that subject. Books filled with artwork, photography, flowers, home decorating ideas or information on her favourite hobby will all be welcomed. You can find the most affordable books like this at BJ’s and online at

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