Top 5 Interesting Jobs You’ve Probably Never Considered


5. Building Block Designer

cool job

All of those complicated building block sets that children love to put together were designed by somebody. This means that a professional designer was paid to imagine the next building block toy. They supervise its manufacture and then test it. These designers get to channel their inner child every day as they conjure upsets. Including instructions and kits that will translate movies, stories, games, and familiar role-playing concepts into toy form.

If a design isn’t your strength, you could become a professional block builder. With this career, you take all of those little building blocks and create amazing landscapes and buildings. Generally, the plans have to be original, but those with highly creative minds are able to turn tiny blocks into truly spectacular projects. Professional builders earn their money various ways, including building for community and corporate projects. Do you remember afternoons spent concentrating on recreating city skylines or raising formidable castles? These professionals do that every day and are paid handsomely for it.

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